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Although the Peacedale property package for sale is in the 100 acre range plus or minus, both sides of the 4 lane Route 9 fronts thousands of acres (owned by others) including west of the railroad all the way down to the Hudson River. We believe this beautiful area will share infrastructure and residents as in the Chinese 4 Wall concept directly connected to the factory floors. Quality residential development is a mandate in Chinese high tech industrial growth.

Traffic control at 2 key entrances has been designed by Creighton Engineering and will include traffic control generated by the development including residential uses. Residential uses will have multiple ingress and egress abilities from within the development. Large vehicular traffic will be confined to the traffic control dedications to and from Route 9 and insulated from the Town populace. 


Municipal water will be in place soon from a huge aquifer source on the south end of the parcel. Test wells have been drilled for flow rate and static levels have been reached and recorded by Goold wells into the records of the board of health Rensselaer County in the 150 GPM range. 2 or 3 wells in tandem should easily reach a 500 GPM supply level sustained via Goold 48 hour sustained testing. Peacedale is currently in the process in engineering a community water system utilizing the 400 ft. Plus Elevation in the highest area of the Peacedale area.

The owner of the 100 acre package will control access to the entire area with much of the area west of the railroad falling into the PD (Planned Development) designated zoning and incorporated into a town land use plan that could mirror Shenzhen China with currently close to 100,000, 5 g base stations in place.

In addition the areas of elevation east of Route 9 has been Town designated for a large water vessel to primarily provide potable water to the entire community as well as a fire protection asset for Factory zoned uses. This elevation can share lands of the high elevation for a major 5G antenna system with the water vessel and a likely major wire less telecommunications FIOS network, in 4 directions to rural townships.

Fire insurance rates will be dramatically reduced with a large vessel of water protecting what we envision as a high tech new age development with high priced equipment used in the various new production processes that do not need hand labor that has been driving factory production over seas for years.

The current property buildings consists of 2 market buildings on the road that are currently occupied by a thrift product business. They could be shared using the same parking area. As long as the buildings are not expanded, business operations can resume immediately under the Grandfathers law? These buildings currently carry the yearly costs of the property.

The apartment house 8 unit has had very few vacancy’s over the years. 

The home is vintage and was built in the early 1700s. We have remodeled over the years to suit our family needs but it qualifies for Grandfather rights. It is doubtful the home could qualify for full historical purposes. We have owned the property for over 50 years now and share the valued history of the property. This explains our reference to it as a sales destination site in our manufacturing direct sales plans. The adjacent 50,000 traffic count that includes the 4 lane highway frontage commercial sites utilizing the destination site status it has enjoyed for centuries.

Security. In over 50 years there have been zero crime issues at Peace dale. New York State trooper station a few minutes away north on Route 9.

With the huge area west of the railroad where the rail siding areas in particular are zoned PD for planned development that is zoned for high tech manufacturing uses taking advantage of the 4 long hauler optical cables provide huge independent bandwidth capabilities. 

In time with access to the area west of the railroad this entire area could develop along with the isolated entrance and exit to the joint assets of both the rail and interstate connection. We personally believe the entire area will piggy back into a large residential area down to the Schodack Town park on the Hudson River to be served with the current infrastructure to begin construction shortly.

The barn served our farm and sales operations as well as a shop and storage. There is a possibility this structure could be remodeled into usable sales and storage area. 

Our family has outlived our ability to develop the property. With the size of the area involved a first class developer and the State of New York would welcome this area developing into a very special area in the State of New York, County and Town.

The value of buildings other than to support the costs of carrying the property is questionable and the final decision and configuration will be dictated by the new buyer. There have been recent interest in constructing a contiguous site by demolishing all the buildings and acquiring Peacedale road from the Town of Schodack. This would allow the buyer to use the frontage for commercial uses to market their products as well as high tech security products produced in the factory areas in the rear.

Amazons recent position in Schodack validates the value of a Schodack location on a major Interstate connection the B-1, I-90 and I-87 Berkshire Spur connections.

Last is the unique isolation from the populace that will eliminate the undesirable nature associated with factory production and a stream of semis that would endanger children using the roads for school etc.”

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or please call Bob Martino Peacedale Development the owner of the RDM Living Trust before 8 pm est. at (954) 922-9181.

All offers will be considered.

Located in the middle of the Northeast corridor on a major double interchange! 
100 million population in the North East corridor!

10 GB Internet Access Proposals – 2020

Below is a list of attributes related to our property referred to as The Peacedale PD.

It involves a large area in the town of Schodack N.Y. The Town itself more than 50 years ago designated the area as a PD (Planned Development). Simply based on its attributes it applied ironically around dealing with supply chains abroad. America needs to regain its manufacturing position it once had in the world. New technology with 5G tied into high speed Internet will bring America will make America great again!


We are in the geographical center of the North East. Approximately 100 million people within a relatively short drive time. The property is zoned for manufacturing and the destination site we refer to has been a New York Corridor destination site for Hundreds of years. Our property is located at the B-1 exchange and only adds to the destination site attributes we refer to below.


On our property line there are 2 major Interstate connections. I-90 Thruway and the I-87 to the Mass Pike. Along with close to a 20k per day traffic Count on the 4 lane route 9 that fronts the entire area.


Perfect area for a designated destination site with a 50k daily traffic volume between the twin interstates and the 4 lane Route 9. Our location is perfect for vendors who would like to market their factory produced goods at a sales outlet, curbside pickup, cash and carry.

The loss of manufacturing has crippled America. Manufacturing made America through its different industrial revolutions. Right now we are going into the second informational age revolution where huge files will be managed by 5G wireless technology. Manufacturing will especially enjoy a resurgence with the new 5G optical tools that will finally outpace hand labor competition.


Unfortunately manufacturing and trucking in most areas is vehemently opposed by the populace. We defy you to go out and propose a large manufacturing project next to an interstate connection that are peppered with bedroom community residents enjoying their convenient locations because the community did not zone areas off of interstate connections as they did at Peacedale. Peacedale with its zoning and attributes in place are ready to accommodate an interest without years of snags and residential injunctions.


America has suffered from commerce being transported by sea from sources that America, with its rail resurgence will return to America and Peacedale will lead the way with thousands of feet of available rail sidings on the PD zoned area and insulated from citizen opposition by its isolation attribute.


Again our property offers the speed of light cables from the 4 available long haulers running down the middle of the Peacedale property. These long haulers, Consolidated, TMobile Sprint, Spectrum and AT&T are listed at www.ecopeacedale.com/telecom with cost quotes. Two of these companies have said they were equipped to be the last milers to bring services to the facility if the interest prefers. 

There have been recent advancements with Quantum technology spearheaded by IBM that after 60 years plus of optical cable and adequate bandwidth that have finally arrived to marry into optical technology that has been sitting there like a bump on a log. This will be a mainstay in bringing America back to the leadership it once owned. Peacedale has in place Mega bandwidth abilities by being positioned on rail lines with 4 long haulers with separate cables.


Because of the limited access to route 9 we are able to provided the current unilateral positioning and controlling of the integrity of both sides of Route 9. It was simply a twist of fate that this unilateral blessing was left in our hands to convince a potential buyer that they would have unilateral control over the 1,000 acres plus or minus available in the entire area and conform to the Town PD zoning that I have personally adored from its inception. The buyer retaining control of the east side elevation for water storage and new age antenna installation is imperative. The current RDM Living Trust ownership and ROW to a water storage area that is critical for Fire protection will be transferred to the municipalities from the trust and added to the Counties current GEIS studies that have been completed.


Water under pressure from a large vessel to fight fires with ample volume and velocity will be installed by Rensselaer County Development.


With Zoning for Manufacturing, Distribution and Commercial uses in place, the lack of opposition that can tie up some projects for years. Peacedale will provide a relatively short development process.


West of the railroad will hold very valuable rail sites are in the Town PD owned by others but will favor the purchasers position with the property sales office and Real Estate office on Heritage Road and Route 9... representing the entire property and valuable rail siding sites tied into the communication system along with municipal water that the purchaser of the 100 acre plus or minus package will enjoy.


The market building can be immediately used for a sales building but there cannot be any additions other than maintenance to qualify for grandfather rights and this applies to all the buildings on the property. This building and use could serve as a test building for the outlet village uses that are projected for the property and destination site.

The 8 unit apartment house has its own income flow. 

Lot sales on the frontage after subdivision is approved will contribute to income flow.

Eventual rail sites would be marketed using access to Route 9 and land crossing with rail security to accommodate freight passage.

A water tank east of Route 9 on the higher elevation as well as the latest in 5 g communications could provide huge income flow.

The aerial photo below shows the property is on a 
Major Double Interstate Connection I-90 and I-87.


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Peacedale Properties

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